If you thought time travel was only science fiction, you were wrong…
Let the classic rock outfit HEAT take you back to the era of handmade and honest rock music topping the Billboard charts, the era when timeless classic albums were being released almost on an hourly basis.
It ain’t easy to compete with, but someone’s gotta keep the flame of Rock’n’Roll burning!
Writing songs in the vein of their musical heroes, no matter if the clock says 1969 or 1979; HEAT pay tribute to the time between the end of the 60s, which hailed the birth of countless rock acts, to the late 70s, which saw extreme music, as well as mainstream pop, slowly push out most of the big and small rock acts we have grown to love.
HEAT tick all the boxes for authenticity: producing their albums on analogue tape, using original vintage equipment, commissioning hand-painted album artworks, taking promotional photos on analogue film… you name it, they’re doing it!

In this fashion, their latest 7“ Single “Day In Day Out“, and their new LP “Night Trouble“ (release: October 13th, 2017), were recorded, mixed & mastered on analogue tape at Big Snuff Studio, Berlin, with absolutely no computers involved in the creative process. 100% HEAT guaranteed. Let your ears be the judge…
Highly recommended for fans of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Beatles, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Scorpions, Thin Lizzy, UFO.

BIO: HEAT has been around since 2011, establishing themselves as a steady figure in the European Classic Rock scene, releasing two albums, 2012’s „Old Sparky“ and 2014’s „Labyrinth“, touring central Europe several times and appearing at some of the most important European scene festivals like Burg Herzberg Festival, Stoned From The Underground Festival, Desertfest Berlin and Muskelrock Sweden, as well as officially playing the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX, in 2015.