Bang Bang Band Girl One Lady Band – Sheri Corleone started playing as One Lady Band in 2011, in Valparaíso, Chile. A lover of Rock & Roll in its truest and rawest essence, endlessly fuels primitive roots and Rockabilly, Surf, Garage, Trash Blues Influences by digging destructured germs from the No Wave and Noise genre. Sheri Corleone sings on stage and plays a vintage Japanese Teisco guitar plus a bass drum. BBBG makes her own recordings at her home studio, with bass and oscillator arrangements, counting on Philippe Gilard (John Wayne Supermarket, Ex Indian Ghost) in the sound production.

Takes part in the first compilation “OLD SCHOOL SUDAMERICAss MONOBANDAS!” realesed by Scrap Metal Dealer Rds (Argentina) with the first single called “Lies”, which is later remixed by Philippe Gilard, also included into the Rock Hardi n 43 compilation (France). The first EP “Lies” (2013) is realesed by the French label Kizmiaz Rds.

The first videos “Horns” and “Funnel Of Love” were made with Yuraq Yana Pruductions in Lima (2014). In January 2015 came out “One Foot On Death Road” by Death Roots Syndicate (USA), a Split with the Argentinean One Man Band Trash Colapso. In February 2015 the song “Wild Thing” took part in the compilation “ Baixa Isso, Olha os Vizinhos!” (Portugal).
After several tours through Chile and Perú, Bang Bang Band Girl made her Brazilian Tour 2015, playing with Brazilian Monobandas such as Xtreme Blues Dog, D Selvagi, O Lendário Chukrobillyman, Chuck Violence, Thee Undead big Blues Shit, Cadaveric Hotel, O Melda, El Terrible, Bloody Mary and also from other countries like Dead Elvis and Amazing One Man Band, including concerts in São Paulo, Curitiba, Blumenau, Jaraguá Do Sul, Belo Horizonte, Uberlândia and Goiânia, contuining then with the European Tour starting by France, also Sharing with King Khan & The Shrines, The Legendary Tigerman and Bikini Machine at Le Splendid Bang Bang Party # 5, then Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland , Holland, Belgium, Austria, Hungria, Sweden, Noruega, Denmark and more.