The Deltaz | 2019

The Deltaz have worked over a decade to master a wide spectrum of sounds, from heavy blues and roots rock to classic country and folk. Brothers John Siegel and Ted Siegel spend many of their days perfecting new records at a handmade studio adjacent to residence in the hills of Mulholland Highway that overlook Los […]

Moonshine Wagon | 2019

Moonshine Wagon is a band of bluegrass (American folk with stringed instruments and voices to chorus) accelerated mixed with acoustic punk. It was formed 5 years ago in Vitoria and since then has been touring throughout Europe and part of America in a self-managed way in their „la Wagon“ motorhome doing what they like best. […]

Black Mirrors | 2019

Psychedelischer Blues trifft auf modernen Rock-Dampfwalzen Sound! Wer auf den Adrenalin-Schub von Bands wie Royal Blood oder Queens of The Stone Age steht, aber ebenso auf groovige Rockriffs, die sich auf Blues und Psychedelia beziehen, könnte in dem belgischen Quartett seine neue Lieblingsband finden. Obendrein vereint Sängerin Marcella Di Troia in Bühnenpräsenz und Gesang den Geist Janis […]

Martin Harley | 2019

Martin Harley tourt unerschöpflich und hat einen langen Weg hinter sich. Mit einzigartigem Talent wurde er zu einer wichtigen und respektierten „Stimme“ in der Entwicklung des populären Blues und der Folk-Gitarrenmusik. Bekannt für seine fantastische Handhabung der Slide Gitarre, hat Harley sich ebenfalls als Ausnahmegitarrist und wunderbar verblüffender Songwriter erwiesen.  Seine Musik hat viele Pfade […]

The Big Swamp | 2019

Der Südosten der Vereinigten Staaten. Wiege des Blues. Die Kneipen und Anzüge der 50er sind kaum ein Flirren in der moskitogeschwängerten Luft. Genau die atmet The Big Swamp. Die Musik der vier Hildesheimer ist erdig, pulsierend, ursprünglich. Delta Blues. Southern Rock. Swamp Rock. Slide-Gitarre, Blues-Harp, Bass schaffen einen unverwechselbaren Stil. „Scharfer Juke-Joint-Sound aus Hildesheim“, staunten die Redakteure von „Gitarre […]

Bang Bang Band Girl | 2019

Bang Bang Band Girl One Lady Band – Sheri Corleone started playing as One Lady Band in 2011, in Valparaíso, Chile. A lover of Rock & Roll in its truest and rawest essence, endlessly fuels primitive roots and Rockabilly, Surf, Garage, Trash Blues Influences by digging destructured germs from the No Wave and Noise genre. […]

Moonshine Mojo | 2019

This three headed hellhound from Finnish wastelands delivers raw, dirty and catchy blues rock with cigar box guitars and a suitcase drumkit. Originally formed in 2014 as a duo Moonshine Mojo grew up fast into raging rhythm trio and found their own way of music which they prefer to call ”gutter boogie.” With their self-made […]

The Picturebooks | 2018

Primal blues-rock duo THE PICTUREBOOKS are Fynn Claus Grabke [vocals, guitar] and Philipp Mirtschink [drums] perform their blues-saturated heavy rock. „We are so excited about our own headlinging European-tour this year. Its always fun supporting other bands like „Monster Truck“, „Kadavar“, „The Answer“, „Les Butcherettes“ etc, but going out and headlining ourselves makes it so […]

Black River Delta | 2018

Black River Delta is a bluesrock band originating from Bollnäs, Sweden. The group consists of Erik Jacobs (vocal, guitar), Pontus Ohlsson (guitar, harmonica), and Erik Nilsson (vocal, drums). They have released one studio album: Devil on the Loose (2016). The band formed in 2014 when Erik N and Pontus were living in Malmö. They invited […]

Baby Face Nelson | 2018

Imagine a trailblazing steamroller filled with a bunch of heavy-drinking country-rockers. A galloping horse carrying a foulmouthed bank robber. A four headed monster that makes its presence well-known. What IS that sound? Baby Face Nelson are a trash-country quartet hailing from Utrecht, the Netherlands, with a punkrock attitude and a honky-tonk haze. After playing over […]