The Picturebooks | 2018

Primal blues-rock duo THE PICTUREBOOKS are Fynn Claus Grabke [vocals, guitar] and Philipp Mirtschink [drums] perform their blues-saturated heavy rock. „We are so excited about our own headlinging European-tour this year. Its always fun supporting other bands like „Monster Truck“, „Kadavar“, „The Answer“, „Les Butcherettes“ etc, but going out and headlining ourselves makes it so […]

Black River Delta | 2018

Black River Delta is a bluesrock band originating from Bollnäs, Sweden. The group consists of Erik Jacobs (vocal, guitar), Pontus Ohlsson (guitar, harmonica), and Erik Nilsson (vocal, drums). They have released one studio album: Devil on the Loose (2016). The band formed in 2014 when Erik N and Pontus were living in Malmö. They invited […]

Baby Face Nelson | 2018

Imagine a trailblazing steamroller filled with a bunch of heavy-drinking country-rockers. A galloping horse carrying a foulmouthed bank robber. A four headed monster that makes its presence well-known. What IS that sound? Baby Face Nelson are a trash-country quartet hailing from Utrecht, the Netherlands, with a punkrock attitude and a honky-tonk haze. After playing over […]

Brother Grimm | 2018

Albträume in Fuckmoll Verwischter Geisterhausblues und grimmige Oden an Verblichene. Das ist jetzt wieder so einer. Einer, der aussieht, als käme er aus dem Kohlebergwerk. Dabei stammt er von dort, wo sie es sich leisten können, zum Spaß so auszuschauen, aus Berlin. Er heißt Dennis Grimm und arbeitet als Brother Grimm. Da denkt man natürlich […]

The Blues Against Youth | 2018

Hailing from Rome, Italy, The Blues Against Youth is a one man band project led by Gianni TBAY who performs vocals, guitar, bassdrum, hi-hat and whistles simultaneously. His sound comes directly from the seventies, looks back at the old country tradition of Hank Williams and smirks at the sixties, moving towards some gritty rock’n’roll filled […]

My Little White Rabbit | 2018

MY LITTLE WHITE RABBIT wurde gegründet in einem trockenen Flussbett in der Mojave Desert, als sich die Musiker um Sängerin und Songschreiberin Rike Pfeiffer, Bassist Jan Bela und Drummer Hanser Schüler zufällig beim Pilzesammeln kennenlernten. Im Universum MY LITTLE WHITE RABBIT treffen fuzzige Gitarrenriffs auf ein altes Mellotron, über einer schweren Gitarrenwand schweben indisch angehauchte […]