Blackbird Hill | 2021

Blackbird Hill c’est le subtil mélange de la douceur des grandes plaines, de la lourdeur du delta et de la robustesse des rochers. Le power duo, influencé par l’histoire du blues et la modernité des groupes de rock, met en musique ce que London ou Kerouac racontaient si bien dans leurs livres. Imagine you’re on […]

Trixie & The Trainwrecks | 2021

Voodoo Rhythm Records recording artists Trixie and The Trainwrecks play blues and folk the new way with the battle scars of the old themes. From San Francisco and London via Berlin here comes some loud, over-driven, bittersweet, rip your heart out and wear it on your sleeve blues. Working class folk blues from the church […]

Dirty Deep | 2021

„We took out a sheet of paper and everyone wrote down what they wanted for the album… We all wanted a roots side, back to the roots.“ Victor Sbrovazzo, founder, guitarist, harmonica player and singer of Dirty Deep, describes the preparations for the fourth album. Listening to Tillandsia, we are reassured: Dirty Deep has not […]

Yonder Boys | 2021

Berlin based trio Yonder Boys are an Americana band, who while performing on traditional folk instruments, show great depth in variety of influences they bring to the genre. Traditional old-time sound can be mixed with rock, latin, pop and psychedelic influences. The band features the singing duo of Jason Serious (USA -vocals, guitar) and David […]