Mary Lee Family Band | 2022

Der Vergleich mit der Country-Legende Loretta-Lynn liegt bei Mary Lee nahe. Aber: von Anfang an. Mary Lee (Gesang/Gitarre) und Mauro Montezuma (Schlagzeug/Percussion/Waschbrett) kamen 2019 mit ihren Kids in Berlin an. Schließlich ist Berlin „the place to be“. Bereits 2016, hatten die brasilianischen Honky-Tonk Pioniere als Mary Lee Family Band ihr zweites Album „Fighting Demons“ digital […]

Moonshine Wagon | 2022

Moonshine Wagon, the quartet formed in Álava (2013) launches bluegrass melodies at an unprecedented speed with the flow of metal. Moonshine Wagon is a party, fun and dance using banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, double bass and vocals. Moonshine Wagon presents their fourth album, „Self-destruction“, a concept album full of social criticism. In general, our current […]

Joey Harkum | 2022

Through deep, poignant lyrics which tell stories of happiness, love, loss and sadness, Joey Harkum has been traveling and playing his heartfelt songs for over a decade. We would love for you to give him a listen and join our growing music family! For his entire life Joey Harkum (Singer songwriter from the state of […]

Baby Face Nelson | 2022

Baby Face Nelson will return to Wild Dogs Festival! Last time they played 2018 at our first festival! Imagine a trailblazing steamroller filled with a bunch of heavy-drinking country-rockers. A galloping horse carrying a foulmouthed bank robber. A four headed monster that makes its presence well-known. What IS that sound? Baby Face Nelson are a […]