This three headed hellhound from Finnish wastelands delivers raw, dirty and catchy blues rock with cigar box guitars and a suitcase drumkit. Originally formed in 2014 as a duo Moonshine Mojo grew up fast into raging rhythm trio and found their own way of music which they prefer to call ”gutter boogie.” With their self-made instruments, Mojo Hand Jackson behind his suitcase drumkit, Screamin’ Fingers Willie with his cigar box guitars and Hobo Slim with his six string guitar and dirty howlin’ vocals band creates a totally unique sound.

Their music sails somewhere between the concrete landscapes, cold tundra, delta and swamps. Influenced by roots of original delta blues they’ve been mixingtheir soup with some garage- and fuzzy desert rock by not forgetting punk aesthetics. Moonshine Mojo released their self-published debut album Stuck in the Rut on cassette in 2018 and it was recorded in their rehearsal garage. They recorded new material on studio spring 2019 and forthcoming EP will see the daylight in the end of summer 2019.