Moonshine Wagon is a band of bluegrass (American folk with stringed instruments and voices to chorus) accelerated mixed with acoustic punk. It was formed 5 years ago in Vitoria and since then has been touring throughout Europe and part of America in a self-managed way in their „la Wagon“ motorhome doing what they like best. The band is formed by a quartet of strings in which they intersperse violin / mandolin, banjo, guitar and double bass.
They are very easy to recognize due to their peculiarities: their inexhaustible and easily contagious live energy, their life and their documentaries that they publish on social networks traveling around the world. They have 3 albums published: „Folk You!“, „Porca Miseria“ and the recently released „Straight From The Mud“.

Moonshine Wagon is formed by Goiatz Dutto (violin, mandolin and voice), Joel Bruña (banjo and voice), Lander Lourido (guitar and voice) and Víctor Martín (double bass), but you can also see them in duo or trio.
In 5 years they have given more than 1000 concerts throughout Europe and part of America and throughout 2019 and 2020 will present their new work with a new extensive world tour.