Moonshine Wagon, the quartet formed in Álava (2013) launches bluegrass melodies at an unprecedented speed with the flow of metal. Moonshine Wagon is a party, fun and dance using banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, double bass and vocals.

Moonshine Wagon presents their fourth album, „Self-destruction“, a concept album full of social criticism. In general, our current way of life nowadays is a kind of „fast food“. Everything fast, everything ephemeral, we don’t see the value. We don’t make the most of our time. Fast food or fast and artificial life leads to the generalised „self-destruction“, to the ruin of the individual, it is a severe critique of the utilitarian and annihilating wastefulness of the moment. In one way or another, we all have some of that „self-destruction“ to get rid of from ourselves. The songs have the spirit of bluegrass, southern rock, metal and folk, and with those those ingredients have been soaked into the album.

Goiatz Dutto: violin, mandolin, voice
Lander Lourido: guitar, voice
David „Dagda“ Sánchez: banjo, violin,, bouzouki, voice
Víctor Gabriel Martín: double bass