Moonshine Wagon | 2022

Moonshine Wagon, the quartet formed in Álava (2013) launches bluegrass melodies at an unprecedented speed with the flow of metal. Moonshine Wagon is a party, fun and dance using banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, double bass and vocals. Moonshine Wagon presents their fourth album, „Self-destruction“, a concept album full of social criticism. In general, our current […]

Yonder Boys | 2021

Berlin based trio Yonder Boys are an Americana band, who while performing on traditional folk instruments, show great depth in variety of influences they bring to the genre. Traditional old-time sound can be mixed with rock, latin, pop and psychedelic influences. The band features the singing duo of Jason Serious (USA -vocals, guitar) and David […]

The Deltaz | 2019

The Deltaz have worked over a decade to master a wide spectrum of sounds, from heavy blues and roots rock to classic country and folk. Brothers John Siegel and Ted Siegel spend many of their days perfecting new records at a handmade studio adjacent to residence in the hills of Mulholland Highway that overlook Los […]

Martin Harley | 2019

Martin Harley tourt unerschöpflich und hat einen langen Weg hinter sich. Mit einzigartigem Talent wurde er zu einer wichtigen und respektierten „Stimme“ in der Entwicklung des populären Blues und der Folk-Gitarrenmusik. Bekannt für seine fantastische Handhabung der Slide Gitarre, hat Harley sich ebenfalls als Ausnahmegitarrist und wunderbar verblüffender Songwriter erwiesen.  Seine Musik hat viele Pfade […]