Hailing from Rome, Italy, The Blues Against Youth is a one man band project led by Gianni TBAY who performs vocals, guitar, bassdrum, hi-hat and whistles simultaneously. His sound comes directly from the seventies, looks back at the old country tradition of Hank Williams and smirks at the sixties, moving towards some gritty rock’n’roll filled with a punk attitude.

TBAY has been rocking around since 2009, performed over 800 shows in all Europe, released three full-length albums (“Pure At Heart Blues” in 2011 , “Trapped In The Country” in 2013 and „Apprentice“ in 2016) and five 7”. In 2017 TBAY unleashed two new releases: „Barbed Times“ 7″ out on Skronk Records, and the 10″ „Good Morning Bad Feeling/Deprecation Road“ out on Beast Records, this last one premiered at the Binic Festival in July 2017. TBAY is currently touring in Europe.

„[…] With The Blues Against Youth, Gianni doesn’t just do the one-man band scene proud in specific; he also possesses a great deal of worth in the international roots scene in general. And the Apprentice release further proves this.“ James G. Carlson, No Depression (US)

„[…] where you might expect a guitar solo, Gianni gives us a whistle solo. No, it’s not played on a whistle instrument — he actually whistles a melody. Truly whistling is a lost art in rock ’n’ roll.“ Steve Terrell, Santa Fe New Mexican Mag (US)